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I might as well throw out all of my other dress shirts because I never wear them anymore ever since I bought Twillory shirts. The fit is perfect and the fabric is amazing. And they look really sharp too.

Twillory  Nathan H.

Wondering why it took me so long to buy from Twillory. I wish I could trade in all my non-Twillory shirts that I wasted money on for a credit to buy more from Twillory. Do yourself a favor and JUST BUY IT!

Twillory  Michael M.

Last year I developed a sensitivity to formaldehyde and had to throw out most of my clothes. Where would I get a dress shirt? Then I heard about Twillory. It is a huge relief to put on a shirt that will not make me break out in a rash.

Twillory  Thomas C.

Have performance material shirts from other manufacturers and this is the first one that looks professional and feels great. Plan on buying more!

Twillory  Amanda M.

I am a financial advisor and I have been struggling because of skin sensitivity with all types of dress shirts. My profession normally wears very uncomfortable clothes. This shirt is soft, breathable, and flexible.

Twillory  Andrew W.

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"We tested the performance dress shirts, they never wrinkle and feel like T-shirts."

Because You Asked…

Can You Wear Dress Shirts Untucked?

While dress shirts can be worn either tucked or untucked, the style and fit of most dress shirts doesn’t lend itself well to being worn untucked. Unless you are going to a very informal event, wearing your shirt untucked is still frowned upon in many professional settings. Dress shirts are traditionally very long with a bottom hem of varying lengths, and since they are designed to be tucked in, appear to be sloppy when left untucked. However, the rise of a new style of dress shirt has come about as the result of changing fashion trends. Untucked dress shirts allow the wearer to dress for a variety of occasions with a semi-formal yet comfortable look. With their flat hem and short length, untucked dress shirts are in, but out, if you get what we’re sayin.