WRITTEN BY: Andy Miller - 04.27.16

You won’t believe it.


This NY startup is saving you from your shirts.

Lots of guys like to wear non-iron or wrinkle free shirts because it just makes a whole lot of sense. Who wants to spend a fortune on dry cleaning or take the time to iron a shirt? What you may not know is that your favorite brand is using a known carcinogen, Formaldehyde, as the active ingredient in producing your shirts. Yes, the very same Formaldehyde used to embalm corpses.


Why do these brands do this? Because Formaldehyde bonds fibers and allows a shirt to stay looking fresh for a long time. Why have they not told you this? They probably don’t want you to know and there has been no available alternative. Until now.

We refused to sell toxic shirts but demand from our customers for non-iron was so overwhelming we had to find better way.

After two years of research and development Twillory has engineered , a new and safer non-iron process.

Built upon a 100 year old family heritage in garment production, Twillory is not your typical startup. It’s a hybrid model in which craftsmanship meets innovation.

By opening their supply chain directly to the consumer, Twillory bypasses the retail markup structure and provides access to elevated shirting at a fair price. That’s Uniquely Twillory.

To get started, new users can purchase one   shirt and receive a second shirt for Free, with code FIRSTTIMERS. Free Shipping and Returns included.