Versatility was one of our main objectives; a shirt should look equally good tucked in and untucked. An eighth button was added to keep the shirt firmly in place, solving the problem caused by stretching or maneuvering. The shirt tails are also slightly shorter, keeping you looking great even if you’re having an “untucked” kind of a day.


We absolutely do sweat the small stuff. Genuine mother of pearl buttons, complimentary brushed steel collar stays, inverted gussets, and more, all combine to give you the total consumer experience you deserve. Much care and attention has been invested into every touch point with our brand; details are a passion of ours we hope you enjoy.


In the end it always comes down to the fabric itself. Instead of purchasing your run of the mill, pre-made offerings, we design and craft each fabric from scratch. The process begins with the conceptualization of the shirt style; we then create the fabric that is uniquely suited for that particular garment. Using primarily 120’s Egyptian and Sea Island cotton gives the shirts a delicately rich hand-feel. For durability we use a 2 ply construction, which provides a natural crease resistance as you move through your day. This is attainable luxury at its best.

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