What's the Best Material for Men's Dress Pants?

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If you want to look your best, you need to consider all of the details of your pants and shirt, including what materials they are made of. It is too easy to be swept up in style, color, and maker, without paying attention to the material. 

However, the material that your pants are made from matters. Here are some options in material for men's dress pants to help you decide which is best for you.


Wool is one of the most common traditional materials for men's dress pants. Wool has a number of advantages which have helped it to hold the number one spot for so long, but it also has some distinct disadvantages which are allowing it to fall behind some more modern competitors.

Advantages of Wool

  • Moisture-wicking. Wool naturally pulls moisture away from your skin and dries quickly, making it an excellent fit for dress pants that you want to stay dry.
  • Keeps you warm. Unless you want to wear long underpants, you probably want dress pants that keep you nice and warm in very cold climates.
  • Doesn't retain body odor. Wool suit pants made out of high-quality Merino wool tend not to retain body odor, which is a valuable trait in pants.

Disadvantages of Wool

  • Expensive. Wool blends tend to be quite expensive, especially if you are choosing very high-quality wool pants.
  • Delicate. Wool pants generally cannot be machine washed at home, and they wrinkle easily. Ironing can damage the delicate fibers.
  • Itchy. Even the highest-quality wool tends to be itchier than other options, which can get to you if you're wearing your dress pants all day.


Cotton and cotton blends are very common in dress pants. They can be a great option, but there are some important considerations when choosing cotton dress pants.

Advantages of Cotton

  • Cool. If you're looking for pants that feel good in the summer or don't get too warm when you are in a heated office, cotton is the fabric of choice.
  • Affordable. Cotton and cotton blends tend to be some of the more affordable options when you are choosing dress pants.
  • Durable. Cotton dress pants can usually hold up just fine to being washed, dried and ironed at home.

Disadvantages of Cotton

  • Retains moisture. Cotton tends to hold onto moisture, which means that you are more likely to be uncomfortable in your dress pants. Furthermore, since there's moisture retained, smell is retained also, which means that your linen suit pants may smell worse quicker than other fabrics.
  • Shrinks. Cotton has a tendency to shrink in the wash, which means that while it is durable enough to hold after washing, it may not fit you as well afterward.


A wide range of synthetic fabrics have been developed to give you some of the advantages of these natural materials while minimizing the disadvantages. For most modern men, synthetic fabrics are an ideal solution in dress pants.

Advantages of Synthetics

  • Cool and dry. Very high-quality synthetic fabrics, like those used to make Twillory's best seller men's dress pants, are designed to be both breathable and moisture-wicking. These dress pants stay cool and comfortable and also keep you dry. They also come in a variety of different fits ranging from slim fit pants to classic fit pants.
  • Durable and non-iron dress pants. You can wash and dry your synthetic dress pants at home, and don't worry about ironing them thanks to premium no iron material. This means you'll save a lot of time and also look your best in your pants.
  • Performance stretch. Lots of people don't realize how nice it is to have some comfort stretch in their dress pants until they try stretch pants. You'll be able to sit down all day in complete comfort and look great when you go to your late afternoon meeting. Many people think that stretch pants = casual pants like stretch chino pants, flat front pants, khaki pants, corduroy pants, or even denim pants. However, these amazing new arrivals have all the comfort and the formality of regular pleat-front dress pants to help you get through your workday.

Disadvantages of Synthetics

  • Less traditional. Those who have been wearing wool dress pants for many years may have a hard time making the switch to synthetic.
  • May cause allergies. If synthetic fabrics have bothered your allergies before, you may want to avoid them, but the vast majority of people aren't bothered by synthetic fabrics. 

What to Look for in The Best Dress Pants for You?

For most men, synthetic dress pants are the best decision. When wool, twill, gabardine, and cotton were the only options in making dress pants, they served us perfectly well, especially when it came to the classic pleated pants that came in a variety of different patterns like windowpane, houndstooth, herringbone, or plaid. 

Synthetics have found ways to offer the advantages of these natural materials without worrying about the problems that often come along with them. Furthermore, synthetic fabrics are often the most affordable. What else should you be looking for in synthetic dress pants?

Shirt Gripping Waistband

Pants that keep your shirt firmly in place mean that you have one less thing to worry about throughout your day. You can tuck your dress shirt and t-shirt in and forget about it, even as you sit, work, stand, and go to meetings. Your shirt will stay in place and be less likely to get wrinkled by popping in and out of your pants, especially if you usually shop in the men's big & tall section! 


Don't settle for dress pants that skimp on pockets just because it's formal wear. Look for dress pants that offer travel pockets, including a zippered pocket so you can carry everything that you need with you.

Excellent Synthetic Fabric

The best men's dress pants, like those designed by Twillory, are made of a high-performing Japanese stretch fabric that eliminates moisture and delivers extraordinary airflow. 

These pants stretch to keep you comfortable but look just like traditional dress pants. Dynamic 4-way stretch lets you move comfortably in any direction while still looking great.

Color Choices 

As a rule, it's best to choose neutral colors when you are picking out dress pants. Shades of grey and navy are generally the best choice. Khaki is also an excellent option. Black and charcoal plants match almost everything and make it hard for you to go wrong. 

Choose Great Men's Dress Pants

The best men's dress pants are made of a material that works for you. Choose dress pants that don't wrinkle, are easy to take care of, are very comfortable to wear, and look great when paired with your favorite dress shirt, sport coat, or blazer. For the vast majority of men, a synthetic fabric will offer the best solution to all their dress slack needs.