How to Keep Dress Shirts Wrinkle-Free

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It can be challenging to look good while meeting all of the demands of your busy life. Keeping your dress shirt free from wrinkles is just one more thing to worry about. 

If you make the right decisions about purchasing a dress shirt and stick to a care routine, wrinkle-free shirts will become almost effortless. 

Choose the Right Shirts

Not all dress shirts are created equally. Choosing a shirt designed to be resistant to wrinkles can save you a lot of work. These shirts go from washer, to drier, to hanger, to wear without you having to worry about ironing. 

The best wrinkle-free shirts, like these by Twillory, have a proprietary non-iron treatment that leaves dress shirts resistant to wrinkles. Four-way stretch fabric with a bit of spandex makes these best-selling non-iron dress shirts comfortable and soft against your skin. 

If you would prefer the look and high-quality breathable feel of cotton without worrying about wrinkles, proprietary SafeCotton is wrinkle-resistant but incredibly soft. 

You also need to make sure that you have the right fit beforehand to decrease the chance of wrinkles. Pay close attention to size guides and decide whether you want a slim fit shirt, a classic fit shirt, a traditional fit shirt, or even a big & tall shirt. Consider the color and pattern of your shirt as well, since some patterns are better at hiding wrinkles than solid dress shirts. We love patterns like gingham, plaid, and herringbone. 

Keep Shirts Wrinkle-Free While Washing

1. Pay Attention to the Drying Process 

If your men's dress shirts can be machine-dried, it can be tempting to put them in the dryer and forget about them until sometime after the dryer has stopped. Don't trust your dryer's wrinkle-prevention with your non-iron shirts. 

Check your shirts as they are finishing the drying cycle and pull them out when they're still slightly damp. This way, the weight of the clothes will help to pull out wrinkles, and no wrinkles will dry into the clothes. Flatten your clothes on a clean flat surface and smooth wrinkles out with your hands before you fold or hang clothes. 

2. Use Wide Hangers

If you are like most people, you probably don't have a lot of spare real estate in your closet. You might be tempted to use smaller hangers so that you can fit more clothes. However, this is the wrong idea. 

Wide hangers mimic how shirts hang as they would on your shoulders, which prevents wrinkles from forming. Choose hangers long enough to reach where the sleeve length begins and wide enough to mimic the width of your shoulders.

3. Hang Instead of Folding and Space Clothes Out

Your dress shirts should have room to hang freely in the closet. They should not touch each other. Consider using a cascading hanger system if you don't have enough room in your closet.

How to Wear Dress Shirts to Avoid Wrinkling

Even if you take great care of your dress shirts while you are washing and storing them, you can easily get them wrinkled on the way to work or during your day. This is especially true if you choose dress shirts that are not made with wrinkle-resistant fabric. Here are some tips for wearing your dress shirts in a way that will avoid getting them wrinkled.

Be Careful With Temporary Storage

You may take your dress shirt off if you are worried that it will get dirty because you are being active or doing something with your hands. Some men may choose not to wear their dress shirt on a subway or anywhere else it could easily be dirtied.

If you aren't wearing your shirt, it should be hanging on a hanger. It can get a little bit awkward if you need to take your shirt off before riding on the subway or to do work outside. Still, it is better to hang your dress shirt from the side of your cubicle or carry a hanger in the subway than to have your shirt become wrinkled when you are trying so hard to keep it clean and looking nice. 

If you hang your shirt on a hook, bend it over something, or do anything else to store it while you're not wearing it, it can develop indentations and lumps. This makes your shirt wrinkled and look bad temporarily, and it can permanently distort the shirt over time.

Avoid Wrinkles While Sitting

Sitting is one of the easiest ways to get your dress shirt wrinkled. Most men tend to pull their pants up when they sit down, which bunches the dress shirt above and below the belt life. Instead, keep tension in your shirt as you sit down and rub your back to see that there are no creases. Maintain good posture to avoid wrinkling the front of the shirt. 

Quick Fixes for Wrinkles

No matter how hard you try to avoid getting your dress shirts wrinkled, every now and then it's bound to happen. Here are a couple of quick fixes to remove the occasional wrinkle and get your shirt looking great again.

  • Use the dryer. Spray a little bit of water on your shirt, particularly in the areas that are very wrinkled. Put it in the dryer on tumble-dry, just until the wrinkles have worked themselves out, then press the shirt smooth with your hands and hang it.
  • Use a shower. This is a great way to get rid of wrinkles anywhere that has a shower or even a sink. Just hang your dress shirt in the bathroom, close the doors, and turn off any ventilation system. Turn the water on very hot and let the steam work out the wrinkles. 

* You can also hang your dress shirt in the bathroom with you while you're taking a shower in the morning as a quick way to get rid of wrinkles before you get dressed.

Enjoy Wrinkle-Free Shirts

Quality wrinkle-free dress shirts are designed to resist wrinkles without compromising softness, fit, or style. These shirts can hold up to the washing machine, the dryer, and even being ironed if you really manage to work a wrinkle into them. 

However, these shirts don't wrinkle easily. Go through your day without worrying about wrinkles by wearing a dress shirt that always looks great.