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Where Should Men's Dress Pants Break?

Many people don't know about pant breaks, but they make a big difference in how your pants look. Here's what you need to know about pant breaks and where your pants should break to look best on you.

What Is a Pant Break?

The pants break is the crease of fabric at the front of the pant leg. It generally hangs just above where the pleated pants meet your shoe when you're standing up. The break is defined only in the standing position, not when you're walking or seated. 

In general, the longer your pants are, the more pleated they'll be, and the wider your pants, the less break they'll have. That's because a wider leg opening means the pant fabric has a harder time making exact contact with the dress shoes. Slimmer leg openings form a break more easily than larger ones that will create a flat front rather than a pleat-front. While this holds true for dress pants and linen suits, it can also apply to denim as well. 

How to Choose the Best Pant Break for You

There aren't necessarily tried-and-true rules for what determines a great pant break. Rather, a number of factors go into determining how your suit pants break.

  • Fit. Pants that fit tighter on you like slim fit pants may have a different break than pants with a more generous fit, like a classic fit.
  • Width of legs. Whether the pant legs are wider or more slender helps to determine how the break is defined.
  • How do you like your break to look. Some people prefer no break at all, while others prefer very clear breaks. Often, what works best for you depends on your personal preferences.

Types of Pant Break

No Break

No break pants have hems that sit above the shoe and offer a clean silhouette without a peak. The pant legs may appear slightly shorter, and it may be more likely that your socks will be revealed. 

These pants offer a modern effect that does not have the peak above your shoe known as the break. They offer a modern, sharp, minimalist look that is very trendy right now. If you want to have a youthful, cool vibe, no break pants may be a great pick for you. If you are in a very conservative workplace and frequently wear blazers or sport coats, pants without a break may seem too modern and not formal enough.

Quarter Break

The quarter break doesn't offer a dramatic break, but it provides a more traditional look than no break pants. A quarter break hem sets just above where the pant legs meet your shoe. 

Quarter breaks look great on slim pants with a tapered effect, similar to the same sorts of pants that look good with no break. They often tend to look great on taller and more slender men.

Half Break

This is a good versatile solution if you are not sure what your office requires. It's not traditional enough to get you laughed at by your younger peers but also not so modern that you will raise eyebrows from your superiors in the office. 

Half break pants have a hem that sits about halfway down past wear the pants meet your shoe, creating a slight fold. 

Full Break Pants

These pants are the most conservative option with a very classic look. The hem of your pants makes a lot of contact with your shoes, creating a ripple above the hem. They are the least likely to show your socks and look better with pants that are less tapered. 

It is easy to go too long with these kinds of pants, creating a bunch of wrinkles at the hem. This is a great option for men who are a bit heavier or those who normally wear men's big & tall.

What Is the Best Kind of Pant Break for You?

The best pant break for your style is largely a matter of personal preference. However, there are some important things to keep in mind as you are choosing what kind of pants are best. Here are some considerations in choosing the best pant break for your pants.

How Do You Feel About Socks?

Do you love wearing stylish socks that express your personality? In many places of business, socks have replaced ties as the accessory of choice to show a bit of individual fashion and personality. 

If you love to show off your socks, you'll want pants with as little break as possible. Stylish no break dress pants like these men's dress pants by Twillory give you the perfect opportunity to rock your favorite socks and even have fun with patterns like plaid, windowpane, houndstooth, or herringbone.

How Is Your Body Shaped?

Style is trending more towards more slender pants, but if you are heavier set, these pants might not look the best on you. Men who are heavier often look better in pants with more break, such as full break pants. 

This is because they tend to make the legs look longer and the man look taller. However, if you are more slender, you will probably want more tapered pants and less of a break to chop your body up and make it look more proportional.

How Traditional Is Your Workplace?

If you work in an extremely traditional workplace, more break is probably the best option. After all, you wouldn't want to look as if you're wearing casual pants like stretch chino pants, khaki pants, or even corduroy pants. However, in very modern workplaces, you might be laughed at for pants with a lot of break and should instead go with flat front pants. 

Look at your peers and your superiors to see what kind of breaks they have. In many modern offices, no break pants are the norm.

What to Look for in No Break Dress Slacks

  • Non-iron dress pants. No break pants tend to look best without a sharp crease such as what is made when you iron, so it's better to find premium no iron pants, like these best sellers made by Twillory
  • Performance stretch pants. No break pants tend to be more slender, so having some comfort stretch in the material makes a big difference in how comfortable the pants are, and is way better than traditional fabrics like twill, gabardine, or a wool blend. So look for new arrivals with this amazing fabric technology! 
  • Grip waistband. Pants that grip your dress shirt or t-shirt with the waistband make it much easier to keep your shirt from coming untucked throughout the workday.

Choose Pants With the Right Breaks for You

Lots of people don't know what a break is, but it makes a big difference in how your pants fit. Think carefully about what kind of break will work best for you to choose pants that fit your needs.