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Skull Shirts: The Ultimate Guide to Skull Dress Shirts

Skull shirts are an increasingly popular version of the stylish contrast dress shirt, but is a skull shirt right for you? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you learn everything that you need to know about this multi-purpose, stylish dress shirt. 

What is a Skull Shirt?

A skull shirt is an innovative way to infuse a little bit of personality into your work wardrobe. At first glance, skull shirts look like any other dress shirt. You do not have to be goth or the grim reaper to wear skull shirts, they are great for anyone

The collar lining and the lining inside of the cuffs have a playful pattern composed of little skulls and dots. The pattern is really only visible when the sleeves are rolled or folded up or if someone looks very closely at the neckline of the shirt.

What is a Contrast Dress Shirt?

The skull shirt is a contrast dress shirt. These shirts are designed to provide a professional outward appearance while allowing you to have a little bit of fun with them. 

The contrasting lining is almost invisible until you roll up your sleeves. This makes contrast shirts perfect for wearing from the office to after-work activities. Just by rolling up the sleeves, you can make these shirts look much less formal.

What Colors do Skull Shirts Come in?

Choose from white, black, and light blue exteriors. 

  • White exterior with navy blue lining and white skull print and dots.
  • White exterior with baby blue lining and navy blue skull graphic and dots. 
  • Black exterior with black lining and white skulls and dots.
  • Baby blue exterior with navy blue lining and white skulls and dots.

How Do I Wear a Skull Shirt?

Wearing a skull shirt is a lot of fun because of the distinct contrast. When you are in a formal or semi-formal work environment, keep the sleeves rolled down and wear your skull shirt the way you would any other collared shirt. 

When you are ready to dress your shirt dressed-down, perhaps when the work day is over or you are wearing the shirt to a less formal occasion, all you have to do is roll or fold the sleeves to reveal the fun skull pattern. You can just fold the cuffs to show the contrast at your wrist or roll the sleeves all the way up to your elbow. Buttons are in place to secure your shirt sleeve as needed. Skull shirts can also be great to break out on holidays like Mexican Day of the Dead ( Dia de los Muertos) to add a little festivity. 

What About Skull Shirt Accessories?

Skull shirts come with beautiful brushed nickel collar stays, but is there anything else that you can accessorize your skull style with? Get playful with skull socks by Twillory.  

You won't find socks that are softer or more breathable, and you certainly won't find any that go better with your skull shirt than these perfectly matching skull accessorized socks. 

You can also accessorize with the short sleeve or long sleeve t-shirt or sleeveless tank top that you wear as an undershirt. The first thing to consider is the neckline. Both crew neck and v-neck are good options, it just depends on your preference. Next you will have to consider the style. You could allow the skulls on your dress shirt to steal the show by wearing a black t-shirt or white cotton t-shirt. If you are really wanting to spice things up you can wear a floral skull t-shirt, sugar skull t-shirt, tie-dye men's t-shirt, or even your favorite star wars shirt. 

Do Skull Shirts Wrinkle?

Skull shirts by Twillory are made of an innovative non-iron fabric called SafeCotton. This fabric is the culmination of years of research into ways to avoid the pesky chore of ironing. Anti-wrinkle material was also essential because shirts tend to get very wrinkled  in an office environment. This causes employees to look disheveled by the end of the day and when they need to go into meetings. 

For many years potentially dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde were used to create fabric that doesn't wrinkle. SafeCotton removes any harmful chemicals while simultaneously making a fabric that is resistant to wrinkles and irresistibly soft and smooth.

What Size Skull Shirt Should I Buy?

Skull shirts come in a variety of sizes and fits so that you can feel confident that you'll find the perfect skull shirt for your body. 

  • Neck size. Choose between sizes that go up every half-inch from 14.5in to 18in. To get your neck size, measure with a soft tape around the thickest part of your neck where the collar of your dress shirt would normally sit. If you are in doubt, go up to the next 1/2 inch size. You don't want your collar to be too tight when it is buttoned.
  • Sleeve length.  Sleeves come with a difference of 1in to account for the two cuff buttons. There are three sleeve lengths to choose from: 32-33, 34-35, and 36-37. To find your sleeve length, have a friend measure from the back of your neck to your wrist, following the contours of your shoulder and arm while your elbow is slightly bent.

Skull shirts come in three separate styles to fit each man's unique shape. Choosing the right fit is essential to make sure that you have enough fabric but not too much over your torso, shoulders, and arms. Even if you get the other measurements right,  your shirt won't look as good as possible unless you take care in choosing the fit.

  • Traditional. This is the loosest fit, only tapering very slightly from the shoulders down to the waist. If you have a broader frame, especially through the torso and stomach, a traditional fit is probably right for you.
  • Tailored or slim fit.  A tailored fit offers a more streamlined appearance than the traditional cut. The shirt is tapered down from the shoulders to the waist, accentuating a triangular body shape. This shirt still leaves enough room in the arms that it is good for most men of athletic build.
  • Extra trim. This cut is for men who want a more slender fit than the tailored skull shirt. A V line angle at the back helps to draw this shirt in quite snugly to fit a very slender man. This cut doesn't give much room in the arms, so if you are a slender-build but have thick arms, it may not be the best choice.

How Do I Care for a Skull Shirt?

All dress shirts deserve a level of respect in how you care for them, especially if they are high-quality shirts that did not come cheaply.  Remember to take out collar stays if you are using them with your skull shirt. Once your shirt is free of collar stays, follow these instructions for caring for it.

  • Machine wash.  It's okay to machine wash your skull shirt, but you may choose to wash on cold only since the contrasting colors may have a tendency to fade if you use hot water often. If it has gotten particularly dirty, however, a warm wash cycle is okay.
  • Don’t bleach.  The contrasting colors of a skull shirt mean that bleach isn't a good idea. If you get a stain that is very difficult to remove on a white part of the shirt, you may consider using a spot bleach treatment if all else has failed.
  • Dry clean.  If you take the care of your shirts seriously, feel free to have your skull shirt dry-cleaned. This high-quality shirt will likely last many years as such treatment.
  • Tumble dry.  Feel free to tumble dry your skull shirt. Since skull shirts are resistant to wrinkles, you'll be able to take it straight out of the dryer, hang it up, and be ready to go. Try to use as little heat as possible to make your shirt last longer.
  • Iron.  There's no need to iron your skull shirt since it's resistant to wrinkles, but if you've managed to really work a crease into it, feel free to iron it.

Why Choose a Skull Shirt?

Many great dress shirts are available and trending, so why should a skull shirt be the one you choose? There are lots of great reasons to choose a skull dress shirt by Twillory. Here are just a few.

  • Customized sizing. Choose between eight neck sizes, three sleeve sizes, and three separate fits to make sure that your shirt fits perfectly.
  • SafeCotton. Get all the advantages of a wrinkle-free shirt without having to worry about what chemicals might be in your shirt.
  • Thoughtful details. Durable resin buttons and brushed nickel collar stays are the kinds of details that would make this shirt stand out, even if it didn't have a great contrast design. Never deal with floppy collars again thanks to these beautiful collar stays.
  • Contrast. Make your shirt work harder for you by serving as a dress shirt and a casual shirt. A skull shirt lets you express your personality when you want to and look professional when you need to, all with the same shirt. 
  • Soft. You won't even care about wearing an undershirt when you feel how soft and luxurious these skull shirts are. 
  • Two-Ply cotton. This fabric isn't just soft and wrinkle-free; it is built to last. The durable cotton fabric is thoroughly stitched with reinforced seams so that it will last for many years to come.
  • Spread collar. The spread collar is a stylish choice for this shirt which looks great with a variety of ties or worn without a tie. Included collar stays keep it crisp through the years.

Get your Skull Shirt at Twillory

Are you ready for a skull shirt of your own? Twillory makes the highest quality skull shirts that are sure to keep you happy for many years to come. Not only do these shirts offer awesome style with great contrast, but they offer the kind of quality details that will make this your favorite shirt.