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Our 6 Favorite Black Slack Looks

Black slacks may seem like a pretty standard part of every man's wardrobe. After all, black slacks can be worn in a variety of ways, each producing a very different effect. 

You probably knew that your black slacks were some of the most versatile garments in your wardrobe, but you may not have realized just how versatile. Here are six great ways to wear black slacks.

Advantages of Black Slacks

Match Most Shirts

Unless you're a huge fan of dark brown or navy dress shirts, all of your shirts will likely pair well with black slacks. You can even pull off navy or brown with black if you do it right. Black slacks are extremely versatile. 

They're ideal for packing to go with you on a trip. It's also great to have a couple of black slacks more than you need so that you always have an emergency pair of spare pants if you forget to do laundry for awhile. They're the one pair of pants sure to go with the last dress shirt in your closet. 

Resist Staining

If you happen to spill on a pair of light khaki slacks, be ready to field some embarrassing questions until you can get another pair of pants. On the other hand, black pants can hold up to stains from most substances without being visible. If you need a pair of pants that you can wear all day long without worrying about spills, black slacks are your go-to. 

Look Good in Every Season

Sick of having to change out your dress pants according to the season? Black slacks can look great at any time of year, even during the spring and summer, when you may not think of them first. When paired properly with a pastel or brightly colored shirt, black pants can be the perfect modern complement for spring and summer wear. 

Dress Up or Down with Ease

Wear black slacks with a dress shirt and jacket for a perfect formal outfit for work or a nice event. Dress your black slacks down with a t-shirt and casual jacket to transition smoothly from work to play. Black slacks are often easier to dress up or down without looking off than other colors of pants.

Play it Safe or be Edgy

Black slacks are one of the most straightforward choices you can make in dress pants. You are unlikely to attract undesired attention when you wear black slacks with a sensible dress shirt to a formal event. However, by wearing your black slacks with a black contrast skull shirt, you can look sharp without being too edgy. 

6 Best Ways to Wear Black Slacks

There are almost countless ways to wear black slacks, but here are six ways that we love that we think you'll love too. 

1. Out to the Club

Black pants are a classic for the club, both so that you'll look sharp and in case you happen to spill your drink. Pair great black pants with a dress shirt that has glow-in-the-dark details for a look that is sure to impress. Don't worry; you won't look like a highlighter in the dark. Only a few tasteful details like the buttons and pattern in the collar and sleeves have glow in the dark features. 

2. The Power Suit

There aren't many looks that are more striking when you want to make an impression at a formal event than black pants, a white shirt, and a black jacket. Pair with a tie that makes a statement, and you can be confident that you will make a strong effect without looking overstated. 

3. With a Casual T-Shirt

Black slacks look striking with a T-shirt, whether you go with a solid color or a graphic. Black slacks are often a lot more flattering and more comfortable than jeans. They give your look a formal edge that can really elevate it. Besides, black has a great way of making the colors in a graphic shirt pop.

4. Suspenders and Working Style

You don't need suspenders with a great pair of black dress pants that have a shirt-gripping waistband and dynamic stretch to keep them from shifting. However, that doesn't mean that the look isn't very cool. Suspenders were and still are used by men who have work to do and don't have time for their pants to be shifting around. They look sharp over a white dress shirt that isn't buttoned all the way when paired with black slacks.

5. With Brown Boots

If your style warning instincts are going off at the idea of wearing brown boots with black pants, it's time to mature your stylistic options. The right pair of brown boots can look extremely fashionable with black pants, especially paired with a denim shirt or jacket. If you want to hint at a rural look but don't want to go too far, black pants with boots are a great choice. 

6. Vest or Waistcoat

Black pants can be great to wear with your vest or waistcoat over a simple dress shirt. The look works best when you wear a long sleeve shirt and roll the sleeves up. 

A waistcoat may seem a bit old-fashioned, but it is coming back as a popular style for many stylish men. If you want a unique look that has some grace without being extravagant, this look might be perfect for you.

What to Look for in Black Slacks

You won't get all of the benefits of wearing great black slack outfits if your pants leave something to be desired. Here are some things to look for in your next excellent pair of black slacks.

Stretch Fabric

For years, wool was the standard in dress pants. Wool is still a common material for slacks and dress pants, but you might want to think twice about choosing wool as a material for your black slacks. Wool has a tendency to get shiny when it is ironed incorrectly and it is prone to lint as well. Both of these characteristics will be problematic for your black slacks.

Instead, choose dress pants made from quality Japanese stretch fabric that is comfortable and lets you move. It won't be prone to shining or collecting lint like some other fabrics.

Breathable and Moisture Wicking

Your black slacks are likely going to be among the most versatile garments in your wardrobe. However, you won't want to wear your black slacks as often as would otherwise be convenient if they are not very comfortable. You need pants that will keep you cool and eliminate moisture as soon as it forms so that you will love wearing them all day long.

Non-Iron and Shirt Gripping Waistband

You want slacks that look great with little effort. Ironing pants can be a pain, and if your shirt comes untucked at an inopportune time, it can be a serious blow to your reputation and a huge embarrassment. 

Choose black slacks that you don't have to iron so they'll look great even if you're wearing them for long days. Look for a shirt-gripping waistband that will keep your shirt perfectly in place even as you move around. 

Get a Few Pairs of Great Black Slacks

You need more than one or two pairs of black slacks in your closet. Choose high-quality pairs of black pants that look great on and will be able to meet your needs for all kinds of styles. You can feel confident that you'll have many opportunities to wear them many different ways, and they're perfect in a pinch.