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Men's Undershirts: How to Find the Best Quality on the Market

Undershirts are important to help your dress shirt lay nicely, making sure that you don't end up with wet armpits, and making your dress shirts last longer. But how do you find the best quality men's undershirts on the market? There are more features to consider in choosing a great undershirt than you might expect.

Why Are You Buying an Undershirt?

There are a variety of different kinds of undershirts, each for different occasions. Here are some of the reasons you may be buying an undershirt.

  • Protect your dress shirt. Undershirts are designed to absorb sweat and keep your dress shirt clean and reduce wear on your dress shirt.  
  • Layer under your dress shirt or sweater. Sometimes you want your undershirt to be visible when you layer. Some undershirts are designed with an attractive neckline that will look good underneath your clothes. Some men even use undershirts as sleepwear! 

Sleeveless or Sleeves?

Sleeveless undershirts are often more comfortable, especially in warm climates or when you're using your arms a lot. On the other hand, one of the primary functions of wearing an undershirt is to keep from sweating onto your dress shirt, which sleeveless or tank undershirts aren’t as helpful with. 

The decision of whether to go with a tank top sleeveless style or an option with sleeves comes down to how much you sweat and how worried you are about your dress shirt. 

Choosing a Collar Cut

Men's undershirts come in several different cuts, each of which has different functions for your dress shirt. The v-neck undershirt is perfect for wearing under dress shirts most of the time because it hides your undershirt when you loosen your tie.  

You can choose between a high v-neck t-shirt which has a shallower cut and a deep v-neck for when you may want to undo a button or two without showing your undershirt. Most experts agree that a v-neck looks much nicer and more professional when worn with dress shirts.

The crew neck t-shirt is a popular choice because it is comfortable, but it may be visible if you undo a button on your dress shirt. It's best only to wear the crew neck undershirt if you wear your button-up dress shirts securely fastened with your tie. It can also be an interesting choice when you want a layered appearance, but this is usually not the best choice for wearing dress shirts.


In general, it is better for your undershirt to be fit quite closely to your body. This is one of the important ways that undershirts are different from most t-shirts. You don't want your undershirt to bag out under your dress shirt or sweater and make it look bulky. Furthermore, undershirts that fit tightly are less likely to come untucked

Choosing a Color

Quality undershirts may be available in a range of different colors and some even have patterns. White undershirts are the standard, but a neutral gray, flesh color, or black undershirt is becoming more popular. 

Black can look great under a sweater or undershirt when you want to reveal your undershirt. These undershirts will appear invisible under a white dress shirt.


Many people are surprised to learn that a T-shirt and undershirt are not quite the same thing. T-shirts are thicker and are cut differently so as to be worn on their own. Undershirts are made from a thinner fabric that is specifically designed to absorb sweat so that your dress shirt is protected.  The best men's undershirts are as light as possible so as not to add any more weight than absolutely necessary.


Cotton is the historic choice for men's undershirts but some synthetic blended options offer a very good alternative. Make sure that every fabric in your undershirt serves the purpose of trapping or wicking moisture or enabling a good fit. 

It matters what kind of cotton you choose. High-quality cotton t-shirts, cotton v-necks, or cotton tanks will give you an option of cotton because different kinds of cotton offer different benefits. Here are a few kinds of cotton that you can choose for your undershirt.

  • Supima cotton. This is extremely high-quality cotton, highly durable and very comfortable. It may cost as much as your dress shirt to get undershirts made of this cotton.
  • Pima cotton. The quality can vary a lot when buying a Pima cotton undershirt, but it is very soft and more affordable than Supima.
  • Cotton classic. These cotton undershirts tend to be a bit crisper but also more prone to wrinkles.

Not all synthetic materials are created equally. Here are some polyester and synthetic blends to consider when you are shopping.

  • Polyester and synthetic blend. This man-made fiber is extremely durable and great at absorbing moisture. As an added bonus, it tends to resist wrinkles. This may not be as breathable an option as cotton, but it may be a great choice in blended fabric.
  • Modal or Rayon. This synthetic fabric is a relatively new hybrid of natural and synthetic sources. It makes your undershirts feel very cool and comfortable, great for hot climates. It's also quite elastic, although it may not be as durable as some other options.


  • Anti-Ride Sleeves: It can be very annoying and uncomfortable to have your sleeves riding up during your workday or your evening out. Anti-ride sleeves are a unique feature offered by some companies like Twillory that can make a big difference in your experience of wearing an undershirt.
  • Underarm Pads: You may be the kind of person who just seems to sweat all of the time no matter what you do. Perhaps you often feel stressed out when you are wearing your dress shirt, resulting in sweat. Either way, lots of people choose undershirts with an extra layer of lining in the armpit area to provide extra protection to the dress shirt from sweating. A subtle underarm pad that can't be seen from the outside but is firmly attached to the shirt is a mark of a high quality  men's undershirt.
  • Stay Tucked: The best undershirts are equipped with a stay tucked feature that can save you from a lot of trouble and embarrassment. High-quality makers of men's undershirts often include elastic or spandex to keep the undershirt close to your body and tucked in. You also might want to look for an option that's tagless for maximum comfort. It also helps shirts to stay tucked in if they fit close to the body and if they are of just the right length. This is particularly key for those in the big & tall category who might struggle to find shirts that are long enough to stay tucked. 
  • Warm: If you live in a colder climate or often feel cold in your office, you may prefer a heavier undershirt or one that is designed to keep you warm, like a long sleeve shirt. You may be surprised by the technology that exists in order to keep you warm without looking like an actual sweatshirt.
  • Nipple Protection: Compression undershirts can reduce the appearance of your nipples against the shirt and also make rubbing against the dress shirt less likely so that you'll be more comfortable. Simply buying a shirt with soft cotton and cooling Rayon can also be great protection for your nipples. 
  • Cooling: Most people find that they are more worried about their undershirts being too warm than getting cold. A high-quality men's undershirt with cooling technology like this one by Twillory can keep you cool all day long. 
  • Stretches: You don't want your undershirt to fit you too tightly or seem like it is entirely made of spandex as activewear shirts do, but it is nice if your undershirt clings to you a bit so that you will have a clean silhouette underneath your dress shirt.
  • Moisture Wicking: One of the primary purposes for your undershirt is to absorb sweat, so it makes sense that you would want your shirt to be moisture-wicking. There are a couple of materials that work well to absorb moisture, and extra padding can also be an advantage.
  • Machine Washable: Your undershirt is probably going to end up getting washed a lot. After all, the entire point of an undershirt is to absorb moisture, so you will wash it nearly every time that you wear it along with your men's underwear. For this reason, a shirt that is machine washable is very convenient.
  • Affordable: Men's undershirts get dirty fast and they usually need to be washed frequently, so it's important to be able to buy a few identical undershirts in a multipack that meet your needs so that you can have a few in rotation in the wash while you still have one or two to wear. You definitely don't need to max out your credit card in order to do this! The more undershirts you have, the less wear each of them will receive and the longer they will look good. One example of a bestseller that you should definitely incorporate into your wardrobe is cotton crewneck shirts because they are comfortable and versatile. 
  • Choose a High-Quality Men’s Undershirt

    There are lots of things to keep in mind when choosing a great undershirt, including the fabric, whether it will naturally tend to stay tucked, and even little things like lack of a tag. A good example of one of the highest quality men's undershirts on the market for a very reasonable price is a new arrival: Twillory’s Performance Undershirt. Don't compromise, the best men's undershirts can meet all of your goals.

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