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How to Get Through 2 Weeks with 3 Fresh Dress Shirts

If you work in an office or are a business professional of any kind, men's dress shirts are a major part of your daily uniform. Whether worn under a jacket, with a tie, or alone, the way your dress shirt looks and fits has a major impact on how you feel, and how people see you. We’ve all seen the guy wearing a casual shirt or an oversized or undersized dress shirt to work. Such an appearance simply screams a lack of caring about appearance, and is definitely far from business casual. And the last thing any of us want to do is work with someone who doesn’t care. 

All this is not to say you need to spend hours in front of the mirror every day or max out your credit card every month on designer clothes! If you shop smart and know what you are looking for, there is no reason you can’t get through 2 weeks of daily work with three fresh dress shirts...and here’s how.

Expect the Unexpected

Appearance and comfort are two major considerations when it comes to buying dress shirts. But one other important concern is convenience. If you buy dress shirts made out of temperamental fabric that needs to be washed all the time and then, when it is washed, wrinkles easily, you are setting yourself up for failure. Who wants to worry about ironing shirts all the time? It’s a massive time-sink.

Let’s say you usually do your laundry every Saturday; you show up to your laundromat to drop your weekly dress shirts off, so they are ready for Monday, and guess what? The laundromat is closed. The doors are locked, and there is a sign on the window that says, “Sorry for any inconvenience.” 

If you wear dress shirts that constantly need to be washed and ironed, this minor problem can become a major issue. But don’t worry, there’s a solution!

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SafeCotton Non-Iron Fabric

While many companies use harsh chemicals like formaldehyde to make their dress shirts non-iron, Twillory has actually engineered its own innovative, non-iron fabric called SafeCotton—and it’s the best non-iron fabric out there. This material is way different from some of the traditional button-down shirt materials like broadcloth, dobby, Supima, twill, oxford, or poplin. Without having to worry about ironing your shirts, you will save tons of time, and you may even save money. After all, if all you have to do is occasionally toss your dress shirts into the washer and dryer, there may not be as much need for going to the dry cleaners anymore. It's such a pain to have to deal with your button-down collar and cuff dress shirts after you wash them. This is especially true when dealing with point collars and spread collars. With SafeCotton, you can start doing your own laundry from the comfort of your home while you read a book, get some work done, or catch up on a favorite TV show. Either way, SafeCotton will certainly save you time; whether you also want it to save you money is up to you!

Moisture-Wicking Technology

Another important aspect of durable shirts is moisture-wicking technology. Have you ever noticed that some shirts not only seem to stain easily, but they also appear to be moisture-magnets? Every time you get a small drop of anything on them, the stain is immediately soaked up by the low-quality long sleeve shirt material and instantly becomes almost impossible to remove. The result is you are either stuck with constantly having to buy new shirts or, worse, and you simply embrace looking like a slob with stains on your clothes. But, trust us, that’s no way to portray an image of professionalism and competence! 

The new arrival of moisture-wicking fabric used by Twillory is the perfect combination of function and fashion. Why? Not only because it looks good, but also helps keep your clothes clean for longer than you ever thought possible. With Coolmax™ moisture-wicking technology, suddenly getting through 2 weeks with three fresh dress shirts seems like a cinch.

Like SafeCotton, Coolmax™ is another fabric-based technology used exclusively by Twillory for the benefit of its customers. No other apparel company in the world packs so much innovative technology into their dress shirts.

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Stretchable Fabric

Another important part of your dress shirt’s longevity is the stretch and durability of the materials. Many dress shirts are made from low-quality materials that lose their flexibility over time and become more and more rigid, only to rip one day while you are at the office—just hopefully not while giving a presentation.

Twillory stretch dress shirts, on the other hand, have a 4-way stretch that ensures they will not become brittle or rip. Not only that, but the dress shirts’ 4-way stretch also guarantees that they will give you the room you need to move around freely while at the office. You will no longer need to worry about constantly having to tuck your shirt in, only to have it come untucked every time you stand back up. Stretchable fabric means more flexibility and more bodily freedom.


When picking out shirts to get you through the week, make sure that the shirt fit is right for you. Some of the different fits for cotton dress shirts are the classic fit dress shirt, the slim fit dress shirt, and the extra slim fit dress shirt. You also want to make sure that the colors and patterns of the shirt are flattering. Some popular patterns for dress shirts include windowpane, paisley, houndstooth, gingham, and plaid. You want shirts that will go well with the other aspects of your outfit like your blazer, dress pants, and shoes. Finally, you will want to have coordinating accessories like ties, bowties, cufflinks, and pocket squares. All of this will ensure that you have the right dress shirts to get you through the week!

You may not have known it before—but YES, there is a solution to constantly having to wash and iron your dress shirts. Twillory offers best seller dress shirts that you can wash less often and wear more comfortably as they feature wrinkle-free SafeCotton, Coolmax™ fabric technology that every wearer of men's dress shirts is sure to appreciate and love. Look good, feel good, wear Twillory.