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How Should Dress Pants Fit?

Too often, dress pants are the last item of clothing considered when you're putting together an outfit. You probably think thoroughly about how your shirt looks, how colors work together, and whether everything is tucked in. However, you may not really look at your pants to see if they fit you well. 

This article is what you need to know about how pants should fit, and how to make sure that your pants fit you properly throughout the entire work day. 

Picking Your Style

The first decision in making sure that your men's dress pants fit well is picking a style that works great for you. It can be nearly impossible to take pants that aren’t your style and force them to fit you properly, no matter how much you shop or how many pants you try on. Here are some things to keep in mind when picking your dress pants style.

Skinny Trousers

These slim fit dress pants look best on people with a narrow waist and thinner legs. They are ideal for medium height, although they can also be perfectly appropriate for shorter people. Slim fit pants can be a little bit more difficult to fit, since there's less flexibility in how they hang. On the other hand, they can add definition to legs that would otherwise be lost in straight leg trousers. There are even extra-slim fit pants if you really want to wear some tight pants with a very modern fit. 

High-Waisted Trousers

These are the perfect classic fit pants for you if you are a bit worried about your belly showing. High-waisted flat front trousers cover your stomach and fit your natural waist, which means they may be more comfortable if you have a bit of pudge.


Pleats are considered an old fashioned style, but pleated pants are making a comeback for many men, especially very tall, skinny men who want to add more definition to their bodies without having to shop the big and tall section.

How Pants Should Fit

Whatever style you choose, it is important to keep the following characteristics in mind when deciding whether or not a particular pair of suit pants fits you well. Wear the same shoes, socks, accessories, and shirt as you plan to wear with whatever dress pants you’re trying on so that you'll get a better idea of how they’ll look and fit into your everyday style and wardrobe. 


If your waistband feels tight when you sit down or you see a bulge of skin or fat over the top, it is too small. If your pants won't stay on without a belt, it's too big. It's perfectly acceptable to need a belt for your dress pants, but they shouldn't slide off your waist without one.


You need plenty of room around your butt, especially if you need to sit in your pants all day. Pants that are too tight will cause wrinkles to appear on the front of your pants. You will also feel a tightness around your thighs when you sit down and feel the urge to adjust your pants.


Dress pants should show the lines of your legs, but they shouldn't be too tight or clingy. If you can see the outline of your calf muscles, the pant legs are too tight on your calves. If your pants have no movement or change in shape as they fall from your thighs, they are probably too big.


How long your pants fall is, to some degree, a matter of taste. If you like to let your socks show a little bit or wear high shoes with your dress pants, you may want shorter dress pants. Your dress pants should never be long enough that the end scuffs the ground or folds up over your shoe.

What to Look for in Dress Pants that Will Fit Well

Choosing dress pants that are perfectly suited to you makes it much more likely that they will fit well and make you look your best. Here are some things to look for when you are trying to decide what pants to try on in the first place. Making good decisions here means you spend less time in the fitting room. 

Non-Iron Fabric

It is all too easy to overlook wrinkle-resistant pants. You may think about your light blue dress shirt, checkered tie, and blazer, but it can be pretty hard to keep pants from getting wrinkled when you sit in them, so many people give up on having to constantly iron dress pants.

No matter how well your pants fit, they won't look good if they're wrinkled. You can bet that it will be noticed if your dress pants are wrinkled. 

Premium non-iron fabric like these best seller pants made by Twillory means that you don't have to worry about keeping your pants ironed to avoid wrinkles. 

Functional Fabric

The last thing that you want is for your pants to feel sweaty. You want dress pants that are highly breathable and wick away moisture to keep you more comfortable and make sure that you look your best the entire time that you're wearing the pants.

You may not think stretch material is important until you sit down in it, but as soon as you experience the difference, you'll want performance stretch material for your dress pants along with a comfort waistband. Stretch pants may also keep their shape better through the years even if you're considered big & tall. Japanese stretch fabric is a new arrival that does a great job of making your pants as comfortable as possible while not making your stretch suit pants look just like casual pants like chinos or regular khaki pants. 


The best dress pants will grip your shirt so that your shirt will stay tucked in all day long. A feature like this makes the difference between an outfit that you don't have to worry about and having to tuck in your shirt all day. Travel pockets, including zippered pockets, make it easier for you to keep everything with you when you need it. Your dress pants shouldn't draw attention to themselves, but they should flatter your figure and make everything you wear look it's best. There are also dress pants with patterns like plaid, twill, herringbone, windowpane, and houndstooth. 

Pick Pants that Will Look Great on You

How your pants fit matters. Carefully think about every aspect of how your pants fit and what style will look best on you. You can choose pants that will fit you great, feel comfortable all day, and require very little maintenance to look their best.