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What happens if I return an item that was purchased at bundle pricing?

Our pricing works on a sliding scale based on the amount of products ordered. If you return less than your full order, the products kept on your end will be prorated to the next available promotional pricing, and a refund of the difference will be issued.

What does that mean? Well, I’m glad you asked. Take our shirts for example; we currently have four tiers of pricing; single-shirt orders, two-shirt orders, three-shirt orders, and orders of four shirts or more. Say you order four shirts and then decide that two of them aren’t really your style. Upon returning those shirts, your order will be pro-rated to the pricing of a two-shirt order, and we would issue a refund of that difference.

That being said, if you order more than four shirts, you get to keep your pricing and are refunded for the amount paid for the shirts returned, so long as at least four shirts are kept.

It should also be noted that any discounts applied to the order during checkout will still apply, regardless of the amount of shirts returned.